A Recurring Dream


I see a dream every night,
When I lie in my bed, sleeping light.
I see a place I’ve never been
but now I’m familiar with it, it seem.
The sun set down, fading the sky
I know its twilight, as I walk by.

I walk and walk looking around,
As the moonlight leading me without a sound.
I reach a place of ancient time,
An abandoned fort, eerie quite.
I look around and could not see
a single person to enlighten me.

I am uncertain where to go
but certainly I know that I have to go.
I don’t dare to enter the dark fort
made of bricks and mud, without any door.
My heartbeat starting to race
with that I increased my pace.

I can hear wind blow       
and plants and leaves rustle.
Under moonlit sky, my shadow,
following me in hustle.
Running bare feet and soil feels cool
I feel like I’ve been made a fool.

A fool out of my inquisitiveness,
searching a warm place of belongingness.
Sometimes, I wake up terrified.
Sometimes, here’s how it goes like:
Fort’s length does not seem to end,
unknown fear gripping me to their den.

Suddenly, I hear a tune that soothes;
Ironically, coming from the fort so gloom.
I beamed hopefully, there’s a living trace.
Tune compelling me to enter the dark place.
I see a man’s silhouette,
cannot recognize his playing instrument.

I reach closer, curious to know.
Moon’s light entering the window.
A handsome man, his face I cannot see.
In daze, those mysterious eyes fixing me.
Calm and composed,as if he knew,
Brave enough to handle that come through.

Despite chilling wind, I feel so warm.
I know I cannot be harmed.
No more I feel so scared.
Somehow I’m familiar to this place.
That’s the time when I wake up in my bed.
Always left with the feeling what happened next?


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