After the passed away storm,
in the midst of my silent life
You looked my ways
in a striking style.

What struck me was your naughty innocence,
and a feeling surreal came in your presence.
Yes, your attitude was captivating,
and mine was no less than yours over-rating.

I caught a glimpse of you silently.
Surprisingly, you did it more frequently.
My heart urged me to know you more;
I guess Mr. Stranger, you too felt so.

You smiled, I smiled and everything seemed so clear.
Still a fear in me stopped me there.
You tried many times to start up a conversation with,
Sorry, I’m very poor at it.

We looked away, though not in delight,
You with your attitude
and I with Mine.
They called you flirt, which I refused to take,
‘coz your eyes reflected a heart which is not fake.
My cold behavior left you annoyed,
I wish you could understand the reason behind.

Why is it necessary to say everything?
Why can’t you make out few pretending?
I’ve kept your track you have no idea about.
Stop staring that way and talk to me now!

We walked away, like every-time
You with your attitude
and I with mine…


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