Speak Up

Speak up!
when you feel the need; say what you want to. 
If something has to happen, it will. 
If not, then it will never.

Speak up! 
For I’m sure you won’t be wanting yourself, 
Screaming and shouting inside 
And keep on rolling over the consequences. 

Speak up! 
And thereafter you’ll know, 
Where you stand 
Or whether you stand or not. 

Speak up! 
And then you’ll see 
Who listens to you 
And who not. 

Speak up! 
For its not just anything 
That speaks to your heart. 
Ignore the maybes and may nots. 

Speak up! 
Not just anything and everything 
But the good that you held back 
For hurting is not your objective. 

Speak up! 
As everything in the universe does. 
Even The sound of silence speaks to you 
We just don’t pay attention often.


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