Baby don’t tell me
that there was just nothing;
nothing that would hold you
to stop and feel the ‘us’ thing.

There was this tension
that I could feel between us.
Wouldn’t you go beyond it,
to explore our daring purpose?

Are you mocking at me ‘coz
my approach was too direct?
That’s a different thing though,
You reciprocated too well!

Hardly have we talked,
Honey, my heart is not yet lost.
Don’t find your pleasure
by putting me in that block.

Oh! I see this girl now,
You have a thing for.
No wonder, I ignored you.
Tell me, was I wrong?


See, I’ve sidestepped now,
spend your energy as you please.
No more fooling around with me;
let me let you be.

But what were you doing with me?
I don’t know what was that all about.
Don’t tell me it was “nothing”
Nothing to think about…


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