A Token


What’s so wrong with the love we show?
Why is it limited to the ones we know?
World is becoming a scary place
with all the hatred that we share.

Our very own nature around, speak for us.

Did it ever ask for what it has done?
Where did the listening, talking go?
Why has arguing snatched their role?


Handful of moments- this is life.
Why breed grievances and cries.
What good has war ever done?
Ever remember a time, in the run?


Deep down we all want peace,
Covering it up with a pride so weak.
There’s this strength that love possess,
Helping out the one in distress.


How do we let handful of them,
to leave a spark of vengeance?
Those clashes that we land into,
why not cure the ones who made it true!


We’ve all heard the above many times.
Why not feel and keep in mind?
Just another pen and paper in the say,
hoping for the change that never stay.


Why is it so hard to ignore their faults?
Let’s just forgive and let go that all.
Let’s share the warmth of our heart,
We’ll discuss later what went wrong. 


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