Hi, It’s me!

Fluttering feeling
Sparkling eyes
Continuing hopes
Inspite of downs.


Hi it’s me!
Just a girl.

Heavy rain
Beautiful noise
Gloomy day
Lazy me.

Breezy fall
Windy nights
Crackling leaves
Poetic me.

Scary fights
Dependable mates
Vindictive world
Philosophical me.

Addictive past
Luring present
Indecisive Future
Clueless me.

Speeding hormones
Dimming lights
You in sight
Amorous me.

Starry nights
To my delight
Infinite sky
Thoughtful me.

Misunderstanding eyes
Of closest ties
Neverending fights
Fearful me.

Mysterious smile
Deep eyes
Just say surprise
Impatient me.

Conflicting Affect
Terrible day
Colliding world
Devastated me.

Adrenaline rush
Strange places
Little moments
Delighted me.

Orderly Chaotic
Sensibly wild
Tough sensitive
Oxymoronic me.

Big world
Bigger strives
Little of everything
Composes me.

-Ayesha Alina


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