Dead Set On

This helpless fad
Upsets me bad.
I don’t know
When to stop.

Or even when,
I do know that.
This whim forbid
To swop.

I go to hell
And come back as well;
In my mind of my mind,

I’m breathing ice
I’m breathing storm
I’m breathing fire
And all.

This craziness
This dead set on path
Is fading me
All along.

I still don’t rest
I still don’t stop
I keep heading
In pain profound.

It’s peculiar to find,
Why I’m denying
To stop this

Unable to pull off
anything else
Until I sort the previous

It sometimes help.
But drains me out
Most often,
That I found.

And on and on
Keep pushing myself
I keep going far

This habit of mine
Should be put to strike.
It’s so obstinate,
Bent on.

I’m tired remorsefully
With this guileful mind.
Hence, the cycle
Goes on.


-Ayesha Alina


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